Pakistan Mobile Number 5 Best Google Ads Alternatives to Diversify & Grow

It’s no secret the Google Ads platform has long dominated the digital advertising industry.

Google Search is one of the best Pakistan Mobile Number places for brands to get their products or services in front of consumers, and the wide-ranging Ads network makes it that much more attractive.

But Google Ads aren’t the only way to drive new customers and re-engage existing ones.

If your performance has hit a plateau or you’re just looking to diversify and reach new audiences, you have options.

Here are three main reasons I’d recommend additional platforms:

  • Rising costs per click (CPCs) and competition in Google Ads.
  • Maxed out Impression Share.
  • Untapped Audiences & User Pools.

Rising CPCs and Competition

Google Shopping was free up until 2012. Life was good and traffic was flowing.

Nowadays, it’s not uncommon Pakistan Mobile Number to see certain industry CPCs well over $50 per click.

With marketing budgets stretched thin, the possibility of getting less traffic for more could compel you to branch outside of Google Ads.

Have your Google Ads campaigns reached a performance plateau?

Be sure to check your Search Impression Share metrics. If your brand is consistently showing up almost 100% of the time, you’re tapping out your current market.

As popular as Google is, it is not everyone’s default search engine.

There are tons of platforms that allow you to get in front of your customers before they even start their search!

Check out these top five Google Marketing platform alternatives; they’re my personal favorites.

1. Microsoft Ads

Pakistan Mobile Number
Pakistan Mobile Number

There are so many reasons to love Microsoft Ads. With its increasing partnerships with companies such as LinkedIn, Microsoft continues to gain market share.

In fact, over 699 million global unique PC users now use Microsoft.

Some of the main reasons to use Microsoft Ads include:

  • Historically lower CPCs and competition.
  • Easy-to-use Google Ads import.
  • LinkedIn Ads integration for advanced audience targeting.

Many of my clients have grown into Microsoft Ads after seeing success in Google. On average, our clients dedicate anywhere from 15-25% of their marketing budget to this channel (and it’s growing).

If your brand is in a competitive Pakistan Mobile Number industry with high CPCs, testing out Microsoft Search Ads is a no-brainer. Lower CPCs will gain your brand more traffic at an efficient spend level.

If you’re wondering how to manage two platforms instead of one, keep in mind that Microsoft has many of the same features as Google Ads. They’ve also created an easy-to-use import feature.

This allows you to control and manage which search campaigns you’d like to replicate and move to the platform.

There’s no need to re-create your top-performing campaigns from scratch with this feature!

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Lastly, let’s not forget about a feature Microsoft has that Google doesn’t: LinkedIn integration.

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