5 Ideas to Change the World

2 years ago, on the occasion of its 10th anniversary, Google launched a gigantic project : the 10^100 project. Understand “10 to the power of 100”, the number 1 followed by 100 zeros. A number that mathematician Edward Kasner concep tualized as “googol” – and which, decades later. Gave its name to the famous search e E-commerce confirms its important role among Web uses, with 72% of Internet users having already made at least one online purchase. The turnover of this activity is in constant progression, with an increase of 31% compared to last yngine. The principle ? The more the proposal seemed useful to the greatest number, the more it had Namibia WhatsApp Number a chance of being qualified.

Google Launched a Gigantic Project

The latter is therefore really collaborative… And then what? Google will inject $10 million into these projects, in the form of grants paid to organizations identified as being best able to implement the programs. A long-term business, then. Namibia WhatsApp Number True civic engagement, or a simple seduction operation aimed at restoring the image of a sometimes decried firm? The truth lies between the two, I imagine. However, the idea of ​​involving everyone to “improve the world” through a global consultation is rather attractive, as is this implementation of collective intelligence at the service of humanity. This was also the principle on which Google was based to set up this project: the participation of all in the well-being of each. Now, let’s see the concrete application of these proposals emanating from the sphere of world ideas!

The Truth Lies Between the Two

Namibia WhatsApp Number
Namibia WhatsApp Number

The trends do not move much in the top 5 of the most visited sites in France: Google and Microsoft remain at the top. Facebook gains a place in the ranking and finds itself in 3rd position. Namibia WhatsApp Number Social networks are obviously always a success, Facebook consolidating its notoriety and Twitter increasing its audience. But, While reaching 10 times fewer people than Mark Zuckerberg’s network all the same. We also note the success of Foursquare, worldwide. Although, The turnover of this activity is in constant progression, with an increase of 31% compared to last year.

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