5 practical tips to improve your social media posts

Images dominate on social media, I havent discovered hot water… ..Images help express ideas quickly, which is in contrast to the mess of written content we absorb online every day. But how can you compete when you virtually compete against thousands of other brands the answer is good design. If the purpose of social media is to exploit your fans towards your business, good design can help reach you faster. Lets take a look at the 5 principles you should follow to create beautiful and effective social media posts. 1. Use your brand colors consistently colors are a powerful tool for social media because they offer a way to convey mood and meaning without words.


Optimize post images for different

When choosing the right color for your brand, consider is my philippines photo editor brand masculine or feminine what feelings are associated with my brand how do I want my customers viewers to feel the psychology of color and branding is a delicate art, so be sure to choose brand colors that speak to your personality and goal. Once youve created your brands color palette, which should consist of two to four colors, apply your colors consistently within your designs. 2. Choose fonts that reflect your identity the fonts you choose should embody your brands personality and character, as demonstrated in these examples from cosmetics to razors. Notice how dove uses an italic font on her facebook page, which creates a feminine feel in the graphics.

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Use your logo consistently

This is a good choice for advertising their range of KYB Directory womens beauty products. Compare this to the gillette brand of razor. In this example, use a bold, regular uppercase sans serif font to create a simple, strong look. Choose background images with space for clear text. Space for text refers to blank areas in images. Placing text in areas with free space will improve the readability of your design and help you get the message across.

If you need to create more space for text within an image, you can enlarge or crop it. This will give your text more room to breathe. 3. Use consistent layouts you can create a series of posts using consistent layouts. These are a great way to engage your fans, as they will. Be easily recognizable whenever you post them on your social media pages. Make sure your layouts are designed with a common theme in mind.

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