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Blogger for 3 months on the platform, Florence Sinoir is looking for a job as a communication officer. She built her online visibility in a very original way, relying on a CV “License to communicate” , a digital passpro, her blog… So many ideas! Very athletic (she practices volleyball in competition), Florence is overflowing with ideas and activities USA WhatsApp Number in her professional and personal life. Let’s take advantage of an interview to get to know this young Rennes girl better! First of all, can you introduce yourself, what is your background? As far as my background is concerned, I did not choose the classic path. I was therefore very strategic in my choices and preferred diploma but professional training to the Grandes Ecoles or the university system.

She Built Her Online Visibility

Today, here I am for less than 2 months again in research and open to the interim, CDD in CDI but also for freelance missions because I have just declared myself as independent. Why did you choose communication? It is a very rich and varied field : I like human relations, contact with a versatile network – press, public, institutions, licensees, elected officials, customers, partners… – but I also like to write and use my creativity in the design of supports to convey a message, USA WhatsApp Number I like to organize an event, animate and lead a project etc. In addition to being rich in terms of trades, it is very rich in areas of work. This is the advantage of cross-functional professions.

Even if I Have Chosen a Sometime

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The encouragement that I have been able to get on my blog and especially on my approach really helps me to hold on when things get sluggish. I feel proud – unpretentious – and that drives me to stay optimistic and active in my research. USA WhatsApp Number Pass pro Florence Sinoir In addition to the blog. Your online approach is very complete, can you explain it to us more precisely? I’ve always liked the web and I tried my first professional website in 2006

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