A Blog Is Never Finished It Needs To Evolve With Its Audience

You need to constantly update and optimize your website according to standards and best practices! 6. Learn about better headlines Have you ever thought about the power of a headline? If your content isn’t getting the results you’d expect from the quality of your content, then you should consider putting more effort into your headlines. We often use the next best title that comes to mind after creating a piece of content. But they deserve more attention. Keep in mind that the headline is what people see on social media or your blog before they decide to click or read on. Image2-quicksprout-2of10 Image Source: Quicksprout David Ogilvy, the famous salesman, recommends spending 80 cents of every dollar on the headline. And even if you don’t want to spend 805%.

Of your content creation on the headline, there are a few things to know about headlines and use when thinking about your next headlines: Here’s what you need to know! Be aware of Google’s preferences and penalties Especially when your main source of traffic is Google, you need to keep an eye out for updates from Google. Make sure you know what Google likes or dislikes and optimize your content and website accordingly. Here’s an example: For 2017, Google has announced that it will penalize intrusive interstitials, i.e. ads, pop-ups, and light boxes. If you’re working with these types of elements on your website, make sure you understand how and why they can affect your ranking.

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Read this article on Search Engine Land. bildschirmfoto-2017-01-02-um-17-35-11 Image Source: SearchEngineLand 8. Select your social channels Don’t try to be everywhere. Pick a couple of social channels where your target group is and engage with your audience there. Each and every social Oman phone number network takes time and effort to build an audience and keep growing. Trying to be everywhere at once will most of the time result in frustration and far less success than a handful of select social networks could if you do it right. The fact that some social network is currently promoted does not necessarily mean that you should be active on it. Need some advice on how to choose your social channels?

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Read this! 9. Use the best plugins Are you on WordPress? Are you aware of the diverse power of plugins? There are plugins for almost every problem in WordPress, and they can easily help you improve your user experience, site speed, and traffic. bildschirmfoto-2017-01-02-um-17-40-08 Image Source: CodeinWP Plugins are a big reason why so many bloggers use WordPress. Make use of the best WordPress plugins! Here are some suggestions for you! 10. Don’t underestimate the influence of website speedbildschirmfoto-2017-01-02-um-17-45-27 There are several reasons why website speed is crucial to blogging success.

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For one thing, you can easily frustrate your website visitors and cause them to leave before they take the desired actions. Also, your search engine ranking is influenced by page speed. Make sure your website loads as fast as your audience expects. Here are some tools that can help you speed up your website. Image Source: Kissmetrics 11. Have a backup You are a blogger or a content marketer. Your content is your (main) asset. Losing your (old) blog posts and other content can easily be the reason why your business will fail. The biggest fear of any blogger is often losing their content. Make sure you have a backup, or two. Being on the safe side regarding your content and data will allow you to sleep better and make the right decisions, like changing your hosting provider, much easier!

Build and engage your community Blogging is not a one way channel, especially when you are blogging for business or as a business. Talk, listen and interact with your audience. Build a community. Participate and be receptive.bildschirmfoto-2016-12-14-um-12-37-32 You will see the effect on your number of registrations and followers. You will also see better conversion rates. Image Source: AdAge People like to connect (and buy) from people. They also trust a person they’ve already spoken to much more than they trust a website or blog where they don’t know who’s writing there. There are many reasons why engagement will help you move your blog to the next level.

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