A Day on the Internet in Numbers

Time is different on the Internet. The web never stops, information travels at full speed and numbers tend to panic. In the Infographics series, here is one that presents in a concrete way what happens every day on the Internet. And it is impressive! 700,000 new members and 45 million updates on Facebook, 5 million tweets, 900,000 new blog posts, 210 billion emails and so on. The movement is accelerating, I would be very Kenya WhatsApp Number List curious to see these figures in a few years. With the trend of infographics that does not fade, we risk having the sequel long before. After the zombie generator and the wallpapers , it’s time to look at the Halloween party itself.

This infographic covers the main

Where is she from ? What are the essential things to know? This infographic covers the main habits and customs of the Witches’ Day, as well as the numbers and fun facts around the celebration. Did you know that in England, white cats are said to bring bad luck? Kenya WhatsApp Number List The infographic measures the importance of Halloween across the Atlantic: it is the second most commercially successful holiday in the country, just after Christmas, and the third biggest celebration behind New Year’s Eve and the Super Bowl ! Clichés die hard, especially when they relate to a person’s country of origin.

The Second Most Commercially Successful

Kenya WhatsApp Number List
Kenya WhatsApp Number List

And on that side, the French are spoiled. Between the baguette and the beret, snails, pétanque and Commander Cousteau, foreigners see us in a funny way. And I haven’t even mentioned the French kiss. We are probably one of the countries that convey the most clichés. Kenya WhatsApp Number List This lovely animated video takes stock of all these stereotypes. It’s impressive, you would almost be afraid to travel… And you, have you been confronted with the vision of foreigners on France while traveling?

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