A Few Ways Not to Disperse, by Frédéric Pereira

Frédéric Pereira is a consultant and technical project manager. His skills include design, SEO and Web strategy. He has been running the excellent Fredzone blog since 2007 . The world is going faster and faster, and this is all the more true for the Internet. In recent years, taking advantage of the reduction of the digital divide and the democratization of broadband, the Web has changed. Just like the use we make of it every day. Static sites have become rare, new media have Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number appeared and social networks have made their entrance, quickly draining millions of users around the world. But these intrinsic changes have not come without pain. With the explosion of social networks, a new concept has emerged: digital identity. And with it, many excesses and a number of problems.

The World Is Going Faster and Faster

And before jumping on it, it is therefore necessary to make a precise assessment of your expectations and the form you want to give to your digital identity. Without forgetting, of course, to protect your personal data but this is another subject, which we will not develop here. Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number The case of the communicator: Taking advantage of the popularity of social networks among the general public, many brands have taken it into their heads to use them to promote their products or services in a more modern way and get closer to both their customers and their customers. their prospects. And that’s how most big brands now have a Facebook page or a Twitter account.

To Ensure Their Promotion

Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number
Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number

On the contrary, it will give a bad image to the brand. Note in passing that the case of the blogger is quite similar to that of the communicator. Just like him, he must take the greatest care of his image insofar as the latter is also that of his blog. Especially since if the competition is tough for a company or a brand, it is just as tough for a blog. After all, the day you can no longer interest your readers, they have thousands of competitors within their reach who can easily take your place. In any case, if we have to remember one point, it’s that we don’t do Web 2.0 for the pleasure of doing Web 2.0. Certainly, social networks and blogs are in fashion, but they are only tools and nothing more.

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