A Generator to Turn You Into a Zombie

The joy of tech site continues a parody series on high-tech sites started by others. Collegehumor compared sites to animals and navigators to means of transport . After sketching the different types of Facebook users, the site is now attacking cars that drive themselves… Microsoft, Apple, Linux, Facebook or even Yahoo! are scrutinized. I really like the Apple car that only takes you to one place! Or the Facebook car that tells Kuwait WhatsApp Number List everyone where you are going. This is once again very well seen, we would have liked them to go further and deal with more sites. They will probably repeat the operation, each parody having been a great success. See also, if navigators were means of transport , very good.Continuation of our special pumpkin party article series!

Collegehumor compared sites to animals 

After our selection of Halloween wallpapers, what if you turned into a zombie? With Zombie Me, it’s pretty easy, no need for special knowledge in photomontage! To “zombify” one of your photos, start by uploading it by clicking on Upload. You can then add various and varied effects: scars, wounds, complexion from beyond the grave, bloody accessories… Kuwait WhatsApp Number List You can resize and rotate these elements so that they best match your photo. Once your work is completed, you cannot download it with this free version, but simply send it to your friends by email, and obtain an address where to view it. A small screenshot, and you’re able to keep it forever on your computer…

The Internet would be a threat

Kuwait WhatsApp Number List
Kuwait WhatsApp Number List

The Internet would be a threat to our privacy. Or a chance for freedom of expression. Or both ? A recent survey by the Wall Street Journal once again calls into question the confidentiality of our personal data on Facebook. Kuwait WhatsApp Number List This time, third-party applications would resell our data to advertisers. Texas HoldEm Poker, FrontierVille and FarmVille would be among others concerned. The breach on Facebook would be unintentional but real. Add to that decried sites like 123people or the regular blacklisting of the Google empire and we arrive at a fairly pronounced climate of suspicion. As often, nothing like an image to sum up the situation…

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