A good and simple promotional video South Korea Mobile Number

In terms of a script, this means somewhere between 100 and South Korea Mobile Number 200 words. It’s difficult to condense everything you want to say into such a small amount of copy, but it’s worth it. Short videos perform really well. In addition, there’s a lower chance your customers will lose interest. Good luck!

Step 2: shooting your A-roll

A-roll is the term used to describe the primary shot South Korea Mobile Number of any video. In most cases, this is a simple ‘talking head’. Talking heads tend to  be a much better approach for your first video than animations. Why? Because it adds credibility when people can actually see the faces behind a business.

So, pick a person who will read the script, then prepare to shoot your video.

Ideally, you want a quiet room with good natural light. A plain white wall could work, but adding plants or interesting furniture will make your video more visually interesting. If you do want to  shoot in front of a white wall, make sure you don’t see the shadow of the person standing in front of it.

Use a tripod to hold your phone. Put your laptop on a stand to use as a teleprompter

Decide whether you’d rather sit or stand for your video. If you’re seated, find a stool or a chair that will force you to sit up straight. It will look better on camera.

Always film in a room with lots of light! Have your speaker face a window, while the camera has the window at its back. This produces the best natural light. Filming the other way around simply doesn’t work, because your speaker will be shrouded in darkness. It will look mysterious, but it’s ultimately not the vibe you’re going for.

Smartphone cameras are better than you think


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South Korea Mobile Number

These days, smartphone cameras are more than sufficient for shooting a good ‘talking head’ video. However, if you have a DSLR or a high-end camera that you know how to operate, that’s even better.

Line up your shot at a nice “medium” height. Meaning: head and torso are clearly visible, and your speaker is close enough that facial expressions are easy to read.

An example of good framing for a simple A-roll shot. Image credit

Tip: if you’re using a phone or external camera, place your laptop behind or just below your camera. You can display your script on the screen and use it as a teleprompter!

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