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In today’s world, it is very important for target users to know about newly released products, blog posts, new features, etc.

These days, many business organizations and website owners are opting for E-Newsletter applications to reach potential customers.

How do you communicate with your customers, users?

One of the popular ways to use a marketing platform that allows you to send emails to your users. Most of the platform offers FREE emails to up to 2000 users per month. However, to send more, you have to spend more and the cost can go up .


Managed email marketing solutions are expensive

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And, if you’re looking for a cheaper solution, the following self-hosted email software save $$$.

If you are still wondering what is self-hosted, you will have to host the email platform on your own on your server. You will usually be provided with software that can be installed on a cloud VPS or VM .

Installing them is not a difficult task. Most of them provide explicit instructions and by following them you should be able to get your email platform up and running in less than an hour .

Switching your campaigns to self-hosted services can save thousands of dollars, which is why many organizations are actively choosing it.

Let’s explore…

sendy is one of the popular solutions to send mass email at a much cheaper cost.

It is built on PHP and MySQL and sends email through Amazon SE . It is one of the most affordable services with a plan that costs only $1 for 10,000 emails. You can take advantage of all future updates and support from their technical team for a one-time fee of $59.


You get all the basic features including campaign builder, reporting, auto bounce handling, autoresponder, complaints, unsubscribe, stat graph, etc.
You can create separate accounts for your customers and make sure they get the view they need online instead of showing all the listings.
It has an email filtering list. If an email does not exist, it is automatically deleted from the list next time
In the latest version of Sendy, they have introduced setting up a custom domain for brands and the following features.

Receive a notification when someone subscribes to the list. Previously, it was only possible with the Zaiper integration.


Create an email suppression list if you never want to send emails.

Cleanup to clean up inactive or unconfirmed subscribers
Block the domain if you no longer want to send them emails
Send 4 got a fresh new look. If you’re an existing customer using an older version, you can upgrade for just $29.

MailWizz is one of the complete self-hosted email marketing systems available today. Written in modern PHP and using MySQL as the database, it can China Phone Number run on any web hosting account.


You can add your subscribers email addresses manually or import them from CSV
Through merge tags, you can add various tools as custom fields, including text fields, numbers, dropdowns, and checkboxes.
You can even filter the list of subscribers in the first place and send emails to specific subscribers that match your pre-defined targeting rules.
It allows you to create landing pages for  in the first place actions like unsubscribe from the list.
Apart from self-hosting, you can also use in the first place various services like Amazon Simple Email Service (SES), SparkPost, SendGrid, Mailgun that support SMTP protocol.
The best part is that it’s free.

Neuvomailería is a self-hosted email in the first place newsletter and feature-rich email list management system that comes with autoresponder software.

You can access all the features of NewMailer for a one-time license fee. It is a cost-effective tool aimed primarily at small and medium-sized businesses.

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