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And brush tools to customize highlights and shadows. You can be an artist and a photographer all in one with Pixlr. Finally, this app has an added feature that allows you to create photo collages and share your finished products by sending them directly to Instagram. Like2Buy how2buy From Curalate comes an app called Like2Buy, which turns your Instagram account into a shopping feed and leads to more conversions. E-commerce will continue to rise as a social media trend and what better way to promote your products and services than by featuring them on Instagram? There are a number of amazing Instagram tools that can help you use Instagram more effectively and quickly.

Here are 7 must-have Instagram tools. Instagram Marketing, Instagram Tips, Instagram Strategy, Instagram Ideas. Instagram users can simply tap on the product they would like in their feed and are given the option to purchase. This app has been shown to increase sales revenue and make the buying process easier. Ultimately, this app will provide you with metrics to understand what viewers are clicking on and how many of those clicks turned into conversions. final thoughts If you’re ready to see your social media marketing take off and grow your target audience of younger customers, then Instagram is your social tool of choice. With the help of these seven tools, you can boost your brand, get great exposure for your products and services, and build buzz among this hard-to-please crowd by developing a successful Instagram strategy.

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Curating, and publishing content easier and more effective than ever. 8 Reasons Why Engagement Is Crucial To Online Marketing Success Published: 2016-12-14 You’ve probably heard it before: If you’re looking for online marketing success, you need to engage your followers and customers. In essence, it all boils down to: increase your engagement, increase your South Korea phone number success. But the „Why“ is often not sufficiently answered. Do you know why you should engage your audience? Why will Facebook give your posts more reach if they like, comment and share your updates? True, but it’s not the only benefit you can get from the commitment.

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Before we talk about the benefits of engaging your audience, let’s take a quick look at some numbers: How many people are actually willing to engage with a business or brand online? Will your efforts be in vain or do you have a real chance to strike up a conversation with your audience?bildschirmfoto-2016-12-14-um-12-37-32 Here’s what the numbers say: Over 90% of consumers are willing to interact with a brand online! Just over 9% of consumers say they try to avoid engagement with brands online at all costs. Before you read any further, we have several resources that show you exactly how to use social media to get massive traffic and leads. For example, take a look at the following: FREE Step-by-Step Twitter Marketing Guide FREE Pinterest Marketing Ebook Image Source: AdAge But, never forget: engagement is a two-way relationship: don’t expect your audience to talk and like it.

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Join the conversation! What else can you achieve with greater engagement with your audience? 1. Engagement Helps You Get More (Social) Reach It’s no longer just Facebook that has an algorithm that decides how many and which of your fan page’s followers see an update you post: the more people who are willing to engage with your updates, the more people will see your post. Do you know why you should engage your audience? What can you achieve in digital marketing with more engagement with your audience? Another social network with a feed that works at least partially with engagement metrics is Instagram. Your post is also much more likely to be “shared” by an engaged audience, giving you an additional audience and helping your updates spread.

From a marketing point of view, this is what you are looking for. Ok, that aspect of more commitment was probably more or less obvious. Most of you knew that, I hope. But there’s more to engagement than social media reach. In fact, when you have an engaged audience. You’re likely to see much more success from a much smaller audience than from a quiet, inactive audience. And the following are the reasons why. Commitment helps you build trust and loyalty. A mere list of features or benefit claims without any proof often does not show. The best results in the form of customers and conversion metrics. Before your audience presses the buy button, they have to trust you and what you promise.

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