Add Your Own External Links To Wikipedia

The more backlinks to it, the better, because it means it’s a topic people want to link to. If there are a lot of backlinks, this gives you the opportunity to write to many different webmasters to improve your chances of putting something in place of old dead links. A lot of backlinks usually means it’s worth spending some time creating the perfect content to fill in the gaps. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Create a brand new web page or update pre-existing content. Cover all your bases and make it a piece of content that Wikipedia wants to link to. You can use tools like Buzzstream to help you find your webmaster’s contact details, and create customizable email templates to send request backlinks to your site.

How to Edit Wikipedia Articles

When looking for dead links, you may find pages on Wikipedia that really need updating and improvement. This is a great opportunity to add your own content and links. You may even see that a Wikipedia moderator has flagged a page for improvement, but no one has made any updates yet. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List These are great windows of opportunity where you can also add some well-placed external links. Before making any edits to Wikipedia, you first need to create an account. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List Once your account is set up, editing in Wikipedia is easy and intuitive. Find the article or section you want to edit and click Edit.

Remember Wikipedia’s Moderation

In the Wikipedia editor, change the dead link or add your content as needed. It’s important to show Wikipedia that you’re doing them a favor and not just cramming your content. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List When you see dead or broken links that aren’t directly related to your site, you might consider adding links to other sites as you see fit. Preview the changes and make sure everything looks the way you want. Then you just need to click “Save Page”. New Zealand WhatsApp Number List All that’s left to do is wait and see if your changes are approved by the Wikipedia moderators. As long as your links are relevant and provide value, there shouldn’t be a problem at this point.


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