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Plemi is a French site with a really nice concept: to give you all the information on the concerts near you. And not only ! Among the services offered by the site, note the “request” made to the group for concerts, a good index of popularity that will allow them to add new dates while being sure to fill the rooms. Information on performance halls, dates and information on concerts, festivals and even an iPhone application to find concerts near you, the site promises to be very comprehensive. A new way of looking at music with this site created by musicians. Everything should of Spain WhatsApp Number course evolve quickly, let’s hope it finds its place in the French internet landscape.I don’t usually talk about flash games on this blog. Not for lack of interest, I’ve been scouring specialized sites almost daily for a long time. But simply because of editorial line.

Among the Services Offered by the Site

Small twist to the rule today to introduce you to Achievement Unlocked 2. What is it? Simply one of the best flash games of the year! In total, you need to unlock 250 rewards. To do this, you only have one elephant to walk around on the screen. Spain WhatsApp Number Make him repaint the walls, kill himself on the spikes, collect the coins… Be careful, many achievements have little or no relation to the game: pressing the Mute button or going to see the solutions are things to do, for example. . Totally addictive, this game should take you a few hours.

Small Twist to the Rule Today

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Especially since there is a collaborative option in Achievement Unlocked 2… Luckily it’s the holidays! Good game.E-commerce has taken its marks in France and around the world. And yet, not everything was simple… Not so long ago, shopping online was scary: scams, fraud and other reception problems held back many people. Spain WhatsApp Number E-commerce is now in good shape and continues to increase its market share. But when exactly is it from? What are its origins? The answer to these questions and many more in this infographic.

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