Antifragile Why the more stable the work, the more fragile life Turkey Mobile Number

In fact, most ordinary people can’t really  understand the meaning of “risk”. This is the point of view in the book “Antifragile”. Many people may have heard of this book. The author Nassim Nicholas Taleb, with He is famous for his books such as “Black Swan” and “The Stupid Who Walks Randomly”, and “Antifragile” is his masterpiece summarizing the reasons behind the “randomness” and “black swan phenomenon” of his previous books.

In this article, I will use the concepts in the book “Antifragile” to analyze how to deal with the “35-year-old phenomenon” in the workplace.

2. Antifragile: Fighting poison with poison

What is “antifragile”? The book Turkey Mobile Number Antifragile proposes three states:

  1. Fragile state: The glass very hard, but it easily broken when it falls to the ground;
  2. Tough state: The plastic cup is easily deformed, but it is generally intact when dropped on the ground;
  3. Antifragile state: Imagine a cup made of a material that, when dropped, turns into two small cups.

Simply put, the ability to resist  external risks is called “resilient structure. The ability to profit from external risks is called “anti-fragile structure” by the author.

Why are plastic cups more resistant to falling than glass cups? It is not because it is stronger and can resist shocks, but its material is elastic and can absorb external shocks with “volatility. And those seemingly solid things bound to destroyed when the risk exceeds its design tolerance.

3. Antifragility comes at the expense of the individual

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If you have worked for more than ten years, you should have experienced two major economic recessions in 2008 and 2018, at least one industry depression, and several crises in the company’s own operations. And your fate, there are usually two results: most people survived the panic, and there is no direct loss except for the lack of year-end bonus; while a small number of people laid off for various reasons , into the trough of his career.

Think about it, is it like a glass falling from a height, either intact, or shattered or cracked and unusable.

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