Are We Revealing Ourselves Too Much on the Internet

Confidentiality and privacy: concern has been mounting for some time with regard to the Internet giants. This infographic summarizes in one image the problems encountered by users of Google, Apple and Facebook. Regarding this last service, she points out that the extremely numerous third-party applications do not necessarily ask for your permission to access your information if your friends have authorized them. mistrust !Farmville is this little star game from Facebook, where the goal is to take care of a virtual farm and share everything you do with your friends. Mashable came up with the idea of ​​comparing Paraguay WhatsApp Number the numbers in the game with the numbers of real farmers. And of course, to put it all in the form of an infographic. It is not very interesting but it is rather funny! The reality is still far from the world of Zynga.

This Infographic Summarizes in One Image

Wolfram Alpha is this semantic search engine that we have already talked about , and which answers the questions we ask it. Paraguay WhatsApp Number Let’s take the opportunity to rediscover it elsewhere, because it is very practical to use. On this basis, the start-up has created widgets that you can use on your site, or share on social networks. There are all kinds: calculations, geography, culture… From currency converter to weather forecasts, widgets cover just about every area. Above all, anyone can develop and then offer their own widget, like Firefox or Chrome extensions.

Regarding This Last Service

Paraguay WhatsApp Number
Paraguay WhatsApp Number

Wolfram-widget The widgets are almost all in English, like the search engine itself, but we bet some will be very useful (or just funny). Paraguay WhatsApp Number To install a widget on your blog, select the one that interests you by browsing the “gallery” of the site. You can search by category, the most popular appear on the right. Once you have chosen your widget, click on the first icon in “Embed Widget” and you will get the code to copy and paste on your blog. Special plugins exist for WordPress, Blogger or iGoogle. Wolfram Alpha is truly a gold mine for widgets! Be careful not to overuse it…

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