Are Your SEO Report Templates

If there’s a section in your SEO report template that customers can read, it’s your Summary, Insights, and Recommendations page. In your SEO report, you must describe the insights you discovered or learned in the last month. India WhatsApp Number List How can your clients help you advance your work? This is a great opportunity to make recommendations to your clients to help speed things up. For example, for one of our recent clients, we advised them to switch their CMS from Squarespace to Webflow. Alternatives: India WhatsApp Number List Dareboost,

Free Google SEO Tools to Consider

Their current setup is clunky and lacks the tools to fully control their meta tags, redirects and all the other technical aspects of SEO that most people ignore. India WhatsApp Number List Since making the conversion, organic traffic has increased by 23% in just two weeks. India WhatsApp Number List Choosing the right SEO tool for your strategy can be overwhelming. With so many features and price ranges, where do you start? Google’s SEO tools are a good place to start . Since search engines currently account for 70% of all searches , their SEO tools leverage the most accurate and comprehensive data sources.

Google Search Console

Here are 13 SEO tools built by Google that you should consider adding to your wheelhouse. Google Lighthouse is designed to improve the user experience and performance of your website. India WhatsApp Number List Google Lighthouse audits four different components, examining accessibility, progressive web apps, performance, and SEO. Some may be able to use superfast 5g, while others may only be able to use unreliable 3g. Google Lighthouse tells you exactly how each of these users will experience your site . It will indicate if any of your web pages feel slow. We all know that slow or unresponsive web pages lead to fewer conversions. This tool is great for getting your website up to speed.


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