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Recently, I came across a very interesting statistic.  Well, apparently it ranks third after Mandarin and Spanish! As the Internet continues to grow, more and more people around the world are becoming familiar with it, which means only one thing. Benin Phone Number List If you need to internationalize your business for better income, you need to use multiple languages! Creating a multilingual website is a challenging task with many pain points for most CMS tools, non-CMS languages ​​and frameworks.

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This is a Drupal world Multilingual websites are no easy task. First, you’ll have hundreds of questions that could give you a headache. Should you show content in your native language? Benin Phone Number List How to handle media files? Will the translation fail? Is the CMS flexible enough to handle translation-induced changes? Well, to answer all these questions and more, creating multilingual websites just got easier with Drupal CMS. Benin Phone Number List This means a lot of extra work, more maintenance and increased costs.

Benin Phone Number List

These contributed modules have unique features that help your website speak your client’s language. Let’s discover some of them in this section. Benin Phone Number List language selection page It’s a cool thing to allow your website visitors to choose the language they would like to see your website content translated into (could be their own native language)! This module empowers visitors by showing them a landing page where they can choose their preferred language.


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