Avatarization, by Antoine Dupin

Passionate about human relations transcended by a specific context, he blogs about new technologies. Is anonymity the solution to protect yourself? Do you have to be just a ghost, macabre ghosts wandering on so-called social media to exist on the Web? Nothing is less sure. Because anonymity gives this dangerous appearance of all impunity, and transcends users into a paragon of nudism. Beyond making the apology of his own stupidity, the user will wrap himself in the digital mantle of his bad actions visible to everyone. He will therefore find Georgia WhatsApp Number himself at the center of an ethereal environment over which he has no control, but the simple fact of not being recognizable is enough to protect him from outside gazes.  Because we all have vices, dark and amoral thoughts.

Anonymity Gives This Dangerous Appearance

So there is anonymity, being someone else, a kind of Doctor Jekyll and Mister Hyde. On the one hand, the friendly Internet user and his superb analyses, his universe of Care Bears veiled in mystery, on the other the infamous troll who pours out his hatred in comments, his filthy world shrouded in authenticity. Scary isn’t it? A glaring example comes from the much decried site, ChatRoulette, this pink paradise where a whole set of phalluses bloom. Georgia WhatsApp Number On this site, many people think that being masked rhymes with anonymity…

His Universe of Care Bears Veiled

Georgia WhatsApp Number
Georgia WhatsApp Number

A clever joker has created a site called Chatroulette Map, which allows you to see on a map a group of people who have surfed on Chatroulette but displayed on a Google Map. Thus, Anonymity does not exist, remember this sentence and say it out loud. Georgia WhatsApp Number Because in this case it was a question of using the IP address to locate users, but other tricks exist for other platforms.Thus, we may speak of anonymity and engage Internet users to no longer exist except under a saubriquet, traces persist. Whether it’s on the wall of friends who will identify you without a second thought, whether it’s your email address or your IP address, there are more and more ways to identify an individual and let’s not talk about the future.

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