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This free SEO tool is Chrome’s built-in web page debugging tool. Use the platform to improve web page rendering performance, page speed issues and many other technical glitches. Malta Phone Number List This is an essential technical SEO tool to add to your regular rotation. Link Redirect Trace, is called an all-in-one redirect path analyzer . Discover information about robots.txt, HTTP headers, rel-canonicals, and basic link metrics. Basically, the tool will tell you if your link redirects are technically SEO -friendly and if they carry any extra link juice This free SEO tool will show if your site has persistent connections enabled or disabled.

Link Redirect Tracking

Ensuring persistent connections are active is a critical part of making sure your site is user-friendly and fast . If there is a persistent connection, it means that the user only needs to connect to the server once. Another free Google SEO tool, Google Search Console is probably the best all-around platform in their popular toolkit. Malta Phone Number List An in-depth analysis of the blockers that prevent your site’s properties from ranking high in search results , the tool identifies any sitemap or indexing issues. Google Search Console is also great for monitoring the exact phrases users are typing into Google to locate your site. Malta Phone Number List See analytics for the queries people use to land on your page.

Free Website Speed ​​Tool

A website that loads quickly, isn’t slow, and works well on mobile and desktop browsers is the key to ensuring optimal performance in search engine results. Use Google PageSpeed ​​Insights in your web browser or as a Chrome or Firefox browser extension. Malta Phone Number List All you need to do is enter the URL of your web page and the platform will test your web page’s load time and performance on desktop and mobile devices. The tool will then give you suggestions for speeding up your web pages, as well as suggestions for overall performance improvements. Mobile results also provide handy hints about the user experience, including things like font size and CTA buttons.

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