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Download the free chrome extension and identify broken links on any page and view link metrics when you search on Google . While the Chrome extension is free, you have to pay if you want full access to Link Miner’s backlink checker. Finland WhatsApp Number List With a huge link database of over 35 trillion links , Link Explorer is arguably the largest and most accurate backlink checker and database on the market today. View backlink profiles and domain authority for any links you enter into the tool. With a free account, you can perform up to 10 search queries per month using 50 rows of data .

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Often considered the gold standard of SEO platforms, Ahrefs really excels at backlink checking. The best part is that it’s free with some limitations. Finland WhatsApp Number List As the second most active web crawler after Google, Ahrefs’ database has 22 trillion backlinks . Enter the URL of any site, your site or a competitor’s site, and see all the backlinks linking to that particular site. Use the backlink list to see metrics like domain authority and the exact location of referring sites . The Domain Rating by Ahrefs shows you the value of each site linking to you or your competitors .

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Without a paid subscription, you can only discover the top 100 backlinks to any web page or site . Ahrefs Free Backlink Checker is great for quickly searching for top backlinks from your or competing sites. Spammy backlinks or links from low authority pages can actually cause your site to rank lower. Any negative backlinks should be removed as soon as possible. There’s an easy way to do this using Google’s disavow tool. Just follow the tool’s detailed guidelines and you can ask Google to free you from any specific links that hurt your rankings .

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