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Blend Marketing has acquired Pakistan Phone number Influence. Agents as part of its strategy to accelerate Blend’s growth in 2021. Influence Agents. Thus, a Platinum HubSpot partner. Thus, has become a firm favourite with clients seeking advice about inbound marketing and the use of HubSpot as a platform to underpin marketing and sales efforts. “I’m delighted that we have now completed the acquisition by Blend Marketing. Our vision has Pakistan Phone Number always focused on growth for our clients through the application of inbound marketing and this move will strengthen our ability to do just that.

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On a personal level.  The company has Pakistan Phone Number built a solid reputation for sound advice with strategically led retainers and projects that result in reliable growth for its customers. The company already works with technology firms from the UK. Thus, most large EU countries. Thus, North America and Australia and has won several awards for its website development work. “We are proud to have developed nearly 100 websites on the HubSpot CMS; all built to provide exceptional user experiences that result in meaningful engagements.  The consultancy arm of Influence Agents is separating to become Total Growth Pakistan Phone Number Ownership (TGO). Thus, operated by Matt Hodkinson. TGO will focus on empowering clients to transform their marketing positioning and messaging via coaching and support programmes. Meanwhile. Thus, Influence Agents clients will be fully serviced by Blend and we are delighted to have them on board.

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Blend’s leadership team agreed that a Pakistan Phone Number proportion of future growth should come via acquisition and so I am delighted that we’ve managed to complete the purchase of Influence Agents and gain the valuable experience needed for future deals of this type.” Sean Sweet. Thanks in no small part to the HubSpot Solutions Pakistan Phone Number Partner network. we’ve been able to hand the reins to a team that we know. like and trust.” Matt Hodkinson. Influence Agents Blend. an Elite HubSpot partner. has excelled in the delivery of inbound marketing. Plus, website design and development on. The HubSpot CMS and support services for technology firms using HubSpot. We had enjoyed steady organic growth since 2015 but knew we had to do more to achieve our ambitious revenue goals in the face of a global pandemic.

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