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Find the selection of tickets from last week! On the program: a very interesting study on French-speaking bloggers, tools for research on Twitter, a major bad buzz… Good reading, to start the week off right! Blogging and tools marketing tips Results of the study on French-speaking bloggers : a very comprehensive study on the practices and activity of bloggers, with an e-book to download But also version 2.0 : happy birthday! How to adapt your content to social media? But also Result of the 2nd Mobile Internet Observatory : the main usage Belgium WhatsApp Number trends History of referencing/SEO : infographic of the week How the web changed my brain : or how our habits have evolved A ticket sale ignites the fnac Facebook page : the bad buzz of the weekend The community manager’s pipe puzzle : an in-depth analysis of its real role! But also Vuvuzela Hero: the game : a Flash game, just like Guitar hero… When BP executives spill coffee : we better understand the oil spill!

A Very Interesting Study on French

For multiple reasons. Monopolize a few moments a few hundred clicks and have your quarter of an hour of fame (effect guaranteed in the very short term), channel your hatred towards the world which is too unfair, to take revenge and concretize your latent jealousy… But never anything constructive , positive or sensible. Please, if you disagree with someone, discuss in private. Belgium WhatsApp Number The rest is simply called trolling. What more can be said ? Monetization What ? So and so made a sponso post and so and so put paid videos on his blog? But it is a scandal! What about passion, love of writing and respect for the community? This is one of the most recurrent debates but also one of those that I understand the least. Everyone is free on their personal space, right? Blogs with real communities are rare anyway. And it’s not hard to tell the difference between sponso content and made by heart.

The Rest Is Simply Called Trolling

Belgium WhatsApp Number
Belgium WhatsApp Number

All work deserves pay, and contracting with an advertiser does not mean dancing with the devil. When you spend many hours taking care of your blog, it is not illegitimate to make ends meet. Belgium WhatsApp Number It’s all about balance… Let’s not forget the bloggers who have chosen to make a living from their blog. Few people criticize advertisements on news sites, why would it be any different on a professional blog? It is necessary to live well, blogger for the pleasure and to live of love and fresh water is difficult. And I’d love to see how many people would be willing to pay to access content they enjoy without ads. Again, jealousy is partly responsible for the crying office line. Same observation for the extras, the trips offered or the exclusive events.

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