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Needless to say, to create highly relevant and comprehensive content, you must have a deeper understanding of your target audience. First, you need to know their general age range, lifestyle and interests. Jordan WhatsApp Number List Next, you’ll want to understand the problems and problems they face every day – their pain points. Google seems to be paying more and more attention to having high-quality backlinks. Jordan WhatsApp Number List It’s best to think of backlinks as another site’s vote of confidence in your page. You always have to remember that backlinks from spammy sites or sites with low domain authority ratings can actually harm your site, not help it function well.

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Links from old domain sites also provide more value than links from newer sites . When you have backlinks from high authority sites, it makes your site look more trustworthy in Google’s eyes. Jordan WhatsApp Number List Likewise, if you link to a site with higher domain authority, Google will consider your site to be more trustworthy and authoritative. How do you find out where to find your backlinks? A good starting point for discovering possible sources of backlinks is Alltop. Just enter a topic of your choice and Alltop will pull a list of relevant content from high authority sites.

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You can then link to those sites, or contact those sites and ask them to link back to your content. Sometimes all it takes is a simple email to generate organic traffic from high-performing content. Flippa is another great place where you can identify highly specific link building opportunities. Essentially a website marketplace, where users sell their websites, providing details on how they made the website a success in the process. In Flippa, you can discover people’s keyword strategies and backlink sources — basically their entire content marketing strategy.





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