Citizen Maria, Web Documentary on the Greek Crisis

Web documentaries are on the rise: visible on the Net, they make it possible to increase the viewer’s experience by integrating the functionalities of use on the Web. This one, Citizen – Maria: Generation 700 is even more remarkable, since Véronique, a blogger from the platform, takes part in it! Citizen Maria Generation 700 are all those young Greek graduates whose salary does not exceed 700 euros per month. Because of the crisis Belarus WhatsApp Number affecting the country. Maria, a young lawyer in Athens, investigates for a month among her entourage and Greek personalities and institutions.

A Blogger From the Platform

News also shapes the contributions, and Internet users can also participate in the project. By suggesting a theme, asking a question or providing a comment, it is possible to develop the documentary. Belarus WhatsApp Number It is also very interesting to follow the work of the journalists. To understand the progress of the project. For example, with this editorial conference: The site thus provides access behind the scenes of the web documentary. to the presentation of the teams, to the personalities met.

The site thus provides access

Belarus WhatsApp Number
Belarus WhatsApp Number

You can also view the rushes, Journalists hold a blog , as well as Maria herself. To complete the device, you can also follow her on her Twitter account . And of course visit the dedicated Facebook page. Belarus WhatsApp Number The investigation carried out by Maria mixed with the work of the journalists offers another dimension to the documentary. By the way, don’t hesitate to watch the other web documentaries offered by Arte. Including the famous Prison Valley, a model of its kind.

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