The Link Power: Compare the Most Linked Blogs

You help Marty get back to the future? Do it with this quick and easy flash game. In Back to the future – The clock Tower Scene, you must drive the DeLorean to the clock tower fast enough not to get stuck in the past. Go ahead and arrive in time to save the world and above all go to the end of our 404 page! Good luck.There are countless Israel WhatsApp Number sites that offer you to determine your online influence, compare your blog to others in the same sector or give you the value of your blog.

You Must Drive the Delorean to the Clock

They are often subjective or even unfounded. In the same vein, here is The link power. It allows a very simple comparison between several sites or blogs: who has the most incoming links? He bases his results on Yahoo! Site explore. The data is raw and therefore subject to interpretation. Israel WhatsApp Number  The number of links depends of course on the popularity of the blog, but also on its age.

The Data Is Raw and Therefore Subject

Israel WhatsApp Number
Israel WhatsApp Number

No need to draw hasty conclusions, this is only one indicator among others! As a test, here is a comparison of the top 10 high-tech blogs from Wikio. Israel WhatsApp Number power link linkpower This therefore gives us a landslide victory for Gizmodo with more than two million backlinks, ahead of Presse-Citron. Some results still surprise me, like the fact that I’m ahead of Korben or Accessoweb. In short, not to be taken literally! For fun, here are the detailed results:

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