Control Your Digital Identity but Avoid Paranoia, by Christophe Logiste

Webmaster by training, Christophe Logiste is director of editorial line, web editor, consultant, editor for the print media and incidentally blogger . A real jack-of-all-trades of the Web, he talks to us today about the need to avoid paranoia, about his digital identity! Even if this ebook will highlight a whole series of best practices. And pitfalls to avoid Greece WhatsApp Number in order to preserve your digital identity, it is also good to put things into perspective and not fall into paranoia. At the beginning of 2010, the gentleman organized a conference in Paris using the technique of ‘name dropping’.

Some May Still Remember This Blogger

However, a simple search on their first and last name returns unflattering results on the first page of the engines. These are not the only examples. We no longer count the number of self-proclaimed Community Managers for whom the work boils down to keeping a Facebook page and a Twitter account, nor the pseudonyms experts on a theme who only repeat news published in the United States without s dwell on the cultural, geographical or technical specificities of the place where they are. Germany WhatsApp Number The same goes for bloggers/webmasters who have been publishing a content-rich blog/site for a while.

You Certainly Have More Difficulty Finding

Greece WhatsApp Number
Greece WhatsApp Number

As in our daily life it is obvious that it is preferable to behave well on the Internet. To be good company and as irreproachable as possible. But also as in everyday life errors happen and are very often repairable (more than what some people suggest). When you have a criminal record, you certainly have more difficulty finding a job and rebuilding your life. But it’s not prohibitive, and it’s much easier to correct your discrepancies on the web. So that positive articles and mentions dilute the previous criticisms.

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