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Radbox is the pretty awesome web service of the day. Do you tend to procrastinate? Can’t stop watching the funny or quirky videos that we see sent all day long for fear of forgetting them? Radbox will be very useful to you. It can be compared to a video Delicious. Install the bookmarklet offered by the site by dragging and dropping to start. Click on it when you are on a web page with a video. It is then saved to your account. Simply ! The service is compatible Singapore WhatsApp Number with YouTube, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion, CollegeHumor, Hulu,, Megavideo, TED… And generally any site offering embeds. It works great for saving a video posted on a blog or site as well.Personalized videos have been legion for a few months (years?) on the web.

The Funny or Quirky Videos

Ideal for the promotion of a product or a film, they allow the Internet user to add names or photos to a video, thus highlighting it and involving it more. The latest trend is to automate the process by logging in with your Facebook account. Singapore WhatsApp Number This is what Microsoft did for the promotion of Office 2010. Connect via Facebook, then watch the personalized video. You will find your contacts, your profile photos and other details there. Rather nice and the result is very clean. No embed or download available unfortunately…The Ligue 1 season has just resumed. Too late for football fans, too early for others.

They Allow the Internet User

Singapore WhatsApp Number
Singapore WhatsApp Number

Who says return of football says return of predictions! Paid bets have of course become legal, but that does not prevent many sites from offering free predictions. Something to have fun without risking your holiday budget. Singapore WhatsApp Number The Post, for example, offers a year-round competition. So free, but with many prizes to be won. So why not get started? A good prediction is worth 3 points. You can predict league 1 matches but not only. The bets are for example open on the Norway- – France of this evening. After a modest 12 points for the first day of Ligue 1 I bet on France. Several bloggers are already registered, including Christophe. Will you join us? Good luck to everyone !

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