Did the company lose its position after the death of Steve Jobs

Its founder – Steve Jobs for many has become a cult figure, icon and idol. Apple is the ultimate brand that signifies quality, reliability and class whether you are in Canada or Japan. And only one name comes to mind when they talk about the company – Steve Jobs. Although thousands of people work tirelessly in the company to produce the best smartphones in the world. Steve Job’s ideas and inspiration have produced die-hard fans around the world. Cupertino, California is home to some of the most valuable companies on the planet. There was this milestone Germany WhatsApp Number List event in the home of adoptive parents Steve Jobs, and more specifically in the garage. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, two young hackers, founded it in 1976.

From Essential to Luxury Brand

However, Steve Jobs did not live to witness his company’s business boom. His sad passing in 2011 due to pancreatic cancer left the world sobbing and shocked. Most people couldn’t believe the death of a legend and still wondered when Steve Job died? After his death, his second-in-command Tim Cook ran the affairs of the company. Although many believe Germany WhatsApp Number List the company hasn’t been the same after Job’s death.  Not all CEOs can earn that kind of respect and approval, no matter how caring and innovative they are.


A Striking Contrast

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