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There are many stereotypical behaviors on Facebook, as on other social networks. From the one who makes you run quizzes all day long, to the commercial who spams all the time, to the self-centered who likes his own updates, you necessarily know some. Joy of tech brought together 27 typical Facebook users in one image, and it’s very successful. Watch out for the last one on the list, it’s the worst! The list is of course not exhaustive, do not hesitate to leave a comment if you know of others!We talk a lot about web workers on social networks. This seems quite Oman WhatsApp Number logical since this is where we find them the most. What are the profiles of these people? The Work in Progress blog carried out a survey this summer on this subject.

This seems quite logical since

240 people responded. Respondents are mostly web journalists. The results are particularly interesting. To be taken with a grain of salt of course, the respondents do not necessarily reflect the truth of the whole sector. Oman WhatsApp Number Web worker survey results View more presentations from Alice Antheaume . First confirmation, web workers are young. Three out of four are under 35. It is therefore logical that nearly 60% of them have less than two years of experience.

The Results Are Particularly Interesting

Oman WhatsApp Number
Oman WhatsApp Number

Good news, however, 60% of respondents are on permanent contracts. Oman WhatsApp Number Like what the sustainability of this kind of positions is not questioned in companies. In terms of remuneration, a little more than one in two exceeds 2000 euros gross per month. Not so bad, but one out of two works weekends. And for breaks, the famous coffee/cigarette is acclaimed. To see the tools used and the working methods, I let you consult the document!

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