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Drupal Module Upgrade Support – Module upgrades to take advantage of better functionality and/or maintain compatibility. Migration Support – Ensure smooth transition and uptime during migration, migration bug fixes, content migration support, database migration support, and more. Code Review – Review code for structure, quality, logic, performance, testing, design, usability, readability, functionality, etc. Performance testing and tuning support – Check and support website performance for expected workloads, response times, speed, robustness and scalability.

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Integration Assistance – Supports existing integrations as well as during new integrations with 3rd party applications and APIs. For urgent issues such as critical bugs or security breaches , the turnaround time should not exceed 24-48 hours. Belize Phone Number List While support for new Drupal features or enhancements or customizations can range from 2 weeks to more, depending on the complexity of the task.

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Dedicated VS Shared Support – As the name suggests, with Dedicated Support you get Drupal experts/team of Drupal experts who will support your website exclusively. You can pay a monthly fee to perform Drupal support and maintenance tasks on an ongoing basis as they arise. This ensures that your website is proactive and on-demand and well cared for. Most support providers also offer to use your unused support time to develop new features or enhance exciting features. You also have the option to share support , and you can also share resources with other companies. It works best when your website isn’t very complex, doesn’t contain custom content, and doesn’t require constant monitoring.


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