Don’t Forget Technical SEO

Voice search has grown in popularity in recent years, and people like to use it when they are busy with other tasks, such as driving. Think about how your business can incorporate some voice search queries into its SEO efforts. For example, if you own a Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Thai restaurant, you can optimize for a few keywords so your business will appear in relevant voice searches. “Ok Google, what’s the closest Thai restaurant to me?” ‘Alexa find me a Thai restaurant’. When it comes to local search results, optimizing local SEO is key to making your business visible . First, try Google’s free page speed tool to see how your site is doing right now.

Don’t Let Page Speed ​​Get You Down

It’s easy to get bogged down in the content side of SEO. In WordPress, you can easily redirect broken URLs to live pages. Make sure your redirects go to relevant pages, not content unrelated to what the user originally searched for. Long page load times increase user bounce rates. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List No one wants to wait a long time for a page to load. In fact, 37% of your visitors bounce back when your site loads in 5 seconds. 70% of consumers say website speed also affects their purchasing decisions. Making sure your website is running fast will improve your overall user experience and prevent users from leaving your website in impatience.

Enable HTTPS On Your Site

Remove unnecessary plugins. If WordPress hosts your website, this is easily done from a central dashboard. Disabling non-essential plugins will significantly speed up your site’s load time. Reduce the number of redirects. Every time the user clicks on the redirect, they have to wait a few more minutes for the page to pop up. Compress images. Images can cause your site to load slower. Jamaica WhatsApp Number List Compress your website’s images so they don’t exceed the desired size. Try using ShortPixel for this. Implement a CDN . A content delivery network evenly distributes the load of distributing content. Compressed file . Reduce the size of the site file to 150 bytes.


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