Don’t Let Traces Trace Their Path Alone, by Alexandre Villeneuve

Alexandre Villeneuve is a SEO and e-reputation consultant. He is the author of the book E-Reputation, strategies of influence on the Internet and animates blogs on these subjects: SEO Blog and E-reputation . He is also president of the association of SEO Camp , which organizes, among other things, the SEO Campus . Find his expert view on these pieces of identity that we leave online, published in our ebook on digital identity. At the beginning of the Web, in full “net-revolution”, we surfed free and carefree. This beautiful era died with the Internet bubble, and back Honduras WhatsApp Number on earth site publishers and advertisers now expect a return on investment, ROI in financial jargon.

The Web Is Ideologically Based on Free

Amazon doesn’t have to know that I searched their site for ‘Adult Comics’! “. It is then that I will tell him that Amazon will also take the opportunity to highlight products in this category for weeks. Honduras WhatsApp Number Different options are possible, configure your browser, in particular to delete cookies when it closes, use a proxy to hide your IP address (TOR network)… The CNIL explains it well in its “ Vos Traces ” section. Should we become paranoid of the trace? If Internet users must be aware of the existence of these traces, if the CNIL and public institutions must be vigilant as to its commercial use, the “power of the trace” should not be overestimated.

Amazon Will Not Throw His Name

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As much as technical traces are invisible on the Web (except for site editors) and have a short lifespan, editorial traces can be visible and have a long life. Honduras WhatsApp Number You will tell me that these are not traces, but the expression of Internet users. Undoubtedly initially, but what is the expression of the Internet user today, gradually becomes a trace over time. Kévin when he shouts “Death to the capitalist”, it’s an expression when it takes place in 99. But today it has become a trace of a past that is no doubt over.

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