Easily Prepare Your Trips Online With Kukunu

Preparing for a vacation, especially when there are many participants and not necessarily in the same place, is not easy… Kukunu, a “social” travel planning tool, could well be a valuable ally. Itinerary, hotels, means of transport… You can manage everything very easily. First thing to do: register on the site. Using Facebook Connect is possible, as it should be. Then you can start planning your trip. You can also indicate your place of departure. Which will be useful later when you are looking for your means of transport. The next step is the invitation Norway WhatsApp Number to send to the participants, but you can very well come back to this later. Everything becomes extremely interesting afterwards! Using the calendar, select the stages of your trip. You and your friends invited to participate in the trip will be able to leave opinions on your selections, through small notes.

Everything Becomes Extremely Interesting

As with hotels, the site offers you the possibility to search and book flights. In summary, Kukunu is really handy for planning your trip almost from A to Z. In my opinion, the only thing missing is the possibility of assigning tasks (booking such a youth hostel, such a flight, etc.) to specific people so that it is really complete. Hadopi published several advertisements this weekend to recruit for different positions. Norway WhatsApp Number The one that made Twitter users react is of course the one concerning the recruitment of a Community manager.

Kukunu Is Extremely Well Thought Out

Norway WhatsApp Number
Norway WhatsApp Number

It moderates the contributions and discussions of Internet users. Reports controversial subjects and transmits the contributions of Internet users to the research managers who validate or not their publication. Norway WhatsApp Number On each theme studied, he writes a summary of the online discussions and measures the involvement of Internet users. » All on a one-year fixed-term contract. We wish him a lot of courage, he will need it! We are approaching the nightmare of any Community manager… hadopi Parodies are of course beginning to flourish all over the web.

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