Eliminate Duplicate Content From Pages

Shopify SEO is very important in modern times. According to Shopify & You Statistics, in June 2019, there were approximately 820,000 Shopify ecommerce stores.  If you’re one of the merchants running a Shopify ecommerce store, getting more traffic to your website is your top priority. Israel WhatsApp Number List Now imagine that you can do this without spending a penny. Yes, it will take you some time and some effort, but optimizing your Shopify site for SERPs is worth it in the long run. You can access Shopify pages through Google like any other website.

What Is Shopify SEO

Shopify ecommerce SEO is the process of making changes to your website so that you can generate more traffic to it. Israel WhatsApp Number List Once you have more visitors, there will be more sales. However, to rank in Google, your site must either pay for ads that will appear above your results, or optimize your site to rank higher. Israel WhatsApp Number List In the past, I’ve managed some Shopify accounts for my clients, and I’ve collected interesting data on Shopify SEO. It’s a locked platform, which means once you’ve set up your site, you can’t make substantial changes to it.

Tips For Shopify Ecommerce Sites

Google won’t crawl some pages in Shopify because robots.txt is locked. After running the site, you will get an automatically generated sitemap. Once everything is set up, it is nearly impossible to adjust the category pages and patent category pages. Israel WhatsApp Number List Still, despite all the mentioned drawbacks, you can still implement valuable SEO changes to your website. Israel WhatsApp Number ListHere are five of the best Shopify SEO tips to help you optimize your ecommerce store. Duplicate content refers to all text across pages. If you go too far, it will confuse Google and hurt your rankings.


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