Essential Metrics to Impress

Worst of all, your customers probably won’t spend more than 30 seconds looking at it — if at all. As you probably know, the process of creating an SEO report looks like this: Open 12 different tabs for data sources, software tools and. Excel worksheets Start copying and pasting data into worksheets. Malta WhatsApp Number List Excel within the next 4 hours Send worksheets to clients (they won’t read or understand). Spend an hour explaining what the metrics mean during the monthly progress call. infinite repetition. Showing how website traffic has grown (or dropped) compared to previous months is a good starting point for your monthly SEO report.

 Most Valuable Pages

It helps set a precedent for meeting with clients while keeping them informed of how the project is going. The result is usually an ugly mess. But it doesn’t have to be.  Later, we’ll dive into how we’ve improved this report internally to measure metrics that directly impact revenue. Malta WhatsApp Number List Your clients will want to know how your work affects the ranking of their most precious pages. Your goal should be to get more keywords into the top 10 SERPs each month. Malta WhatsApp Number List I’ll also complement this by showing how your page changes can improve search visibility to your competitors.

The Number Of Leads Generated 

Tools such as AccuRanker and SE Ranking display a domain’s “Voice Share” or “Search Visibility”. Malta WhatsApp Number List This is essentially an indicator of your most important keyword performance. All keywords with positions 1 to 20 are used in the calculation. The average CTR for that position is multiplied by the search volume for each keyword, allowing you to see if high-traffic keywords are losing rankings. Malta WhatsApp Number List Customers want to know which pages are the most valuable, so they can increase revenue and profits by upselling complementary products or injecting more resources such as CPC advertising.



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