Essential SEO Techniques to Increase Organic

SEO is a complex subject, and it’s easy to feel like you need to be an expert before you start. Fortunately this is not true. These simple SEO techniques will help increase your organic traffic and rankings. Israel WhatsApp Number List Google changes its algorithms and ranking factors all the time, but some SEO fundamentals remain the same. Creating relevant content, building backlinks and optimizing your technical SEO never goes out of style. But, it’s a multi-million dollar question, how do you do it? If numbers and bullets don’t work for you, make sure to always use HTML markup.

How to Optimize Your Featured Snippet Content

Read on to learn about our 12 essential SEO techniques that will help you boost your website in the SERPs.  Note that these techniques are not the only SEO techniques you need to drive more traffic, however, these techniques should be part of your strategy. Israel WhatsApp Number List By working hard to achieve each of these, you will be able to work towards increasing your visibility and traffic. Featured Snippets occupy the coveted position , higher than the top-ranked content. They take up more space on the SERPs and provide users with a clear preview of the content of the web page. Compelling and in many ways more engaging, you can see why users are clicking.

Write Comprehensive Content

According to a study by Ahrefs, users still click on result  more often than featured snippets. In fact, however , Featured Snippets do steal traffic from the top-ranked results. As we know, promoting content from position  can be a slow and time-consuming process. Israel WhatsApp Number List However, if you purposefully target featured snippets instead of being number one, you are more likely to be successful in many cases. If you’ve looked at a few different featured snippets, you’ll quickly realize that they’re usually in a bulleted or numbered list format. Israel WhatsApp Number List Knowing this, you can look at your content and find out which sections work best in a list-like format. We’re not talking about changing all of your content to a bulleted or numbered list, but a clear structure definitely helps push your content to position .



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