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Instead of worrying about manually checking your backlinks, Linkody automates the entire process, making it faster and more efficient. Hungary Phone Number List Your backlink profile is always changing, so it’s important to know what’s going on in real time. Find out when new backlinks are added or lost with the platform’s daily notifications. If a link is added, you need to know if it is valuable to your site, or if it will negatively affect your rankings. You can use this platform to reject any spam or negative links to improve your website’s image in Google’s eyes.

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Price: Webmaster plans for 2 domains start at $15/month. Plans are steadily increasing until Agency XXL has a maximum plan of $160/month. Hungary Phone Number List Kerboo is easily one of the best backlink checkers because of its ability to aggregate multiple data sources for accurate analysis of web and link performance. The daily check will notify you of any new links or old links that have been removedThe tool will also evaluate every new link a competitor’s site gets.

Hungary Phone Number List Kerboo even uses its own Link Risk metric to determine the actual value of backlinks. The tool creates a list of the most important backlinks, which you need to keep anyway . If one of these links fails, Kerboo will notify you immediately so you can try to find a way to rebuild it. Any negative link you find can be removed and then tracked so it doesn’t reappear. Price: Plans are customizable for each user and business. Contact Kerboo for more information. Hungary Phone Number List

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