Free Analysis Tools

To manually track your rankings, Search Latte is a great option. Just enter a keyword and see all the top 100 sites . Honduras WhatsApp Number List You can also filter ranking results by country and language. You can then use the tool to view your own website and see if your search engine rankings are rising or falling. Honduras WhatsApp Number List To get a clear picture of whether your SEO strategy is increasing organic traffic to your website, use Google Analytics. Since Google accounts for the majority of searches (70% to be exact), you’d better pay attention to its data.

Free WordPress SEO Plugin

View basic data such as organic traffic and website visitors. If your site is set to reach page 1 of Google results, then this is the analytics tool you should be using. Find all the data in Google Analytics too detailed or too much? Honduras WhatsApp Number List Google Data Studio takes all the data and compiles it into easy-to-understand reports and dashboards to help you fully understand every metric. A successful SEO strategy is meaningless if you can’t measure key data like organic traffic and website visitors. Monitor your SEO strategy with these free analytics tools.

Bing Webmaster Tools

If you want a quick and easy SEO analysis, WooRank provides a simple report on what your pages need to improve. Enter your domain and soon you will receive a comprehensive report on what needs to be improved. This is a great free SEO tool for beginners because its user interface is easy to navigate and understand. While Google’s free SEO tools tend to be more popular, Bing Webmaster has a complete set of website and search analytics. Honduras WhatsApp Number List Particularly prominent are crawl data, keyword research, and keyword reporting . With so many free WordPress SEO plugins to choose from, these are great options for optimizing your SEO strategy.

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