From the Front and in Profile, by Véronique Rabuteau

First to enter the running as part of the Open-blog week , Véronique Rabuteau. Véronique comes from the audiovisual sector (production of documentaries and magazines) and blogger. She gives us here an interesting fiction on the future of the web… Short summer fiction on the theme of the concentration of means of access to the Internet and the Web, at a time of debate on net neutrality. Just so as not to forget to think about diversity and training, and to always ask questions. A big thank you Flavien for this opportunity. Front and Profile… Sitting in front of his two screens, Pierre was watching the chronicle of an announced event that morning. He saw scrolling South Africa WhatsApp Number before his eyes the flows of the different timelines still active, full of exclamations and indignant questions in all languages.

Short Summer Fiction on the Theme

The mess was, of

, the ancient Internet and the uses of what was called the Web in its day. All had now joined forces: multinational telecoms, access providers, cable operators, owners of data storage centers… South Africa WhatsApp Number They had technical and equipment, it was necessary to make profitable by safer methods – the participatory enthusiasm of the beginnings was far. And the agreement, in its main lines, was clear: the only possible distributions were those of government press releases and relays of the Federation, controlled sources of information said to be of general interest, and everything related to leisure . Then, it was necessary to give everyone what they expected…

They Had Technical and Equipment

South Africa WhatsApp Number
South Africa WhatsApp Number

He took care to place precise tastes, nuances: such a photo, such a piece of music, such a video “chosen” on an obscure site, such an avatar, such an associated keyword, such an appropriate reflection, such a comment on a blog. Including, one or two “deviations” – oh not very bad – and some salutary flights and anger in the movements of the crowd, always, when choosing his subjects. Finally, tranquility was an unknown word in his vocabulary, let’s say rather, prudent. He had established a character and stuck to it. Simply, one day, he understood. It was during a mission to infiltrate a hacker network – yes, because you had to be there, too.

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