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This blog has been open for a little over 3 and a half years. Originally, it was only intended to host some tips and publish some memos for Regions job’s job blogging platform. Three million visits and a new editor ( Anne-Laure ) later, here is the 2000th ticket! How blogging can be addictive. To celebrate the event as it should be, we are offering you 6 cinema tickets. To win two tickets (three prizes in all), leave a comment to answer this question: How many comments Philippines WhatsApp Number have been posted since the blog opened? The three closest answers at the end of the week will receive 2 cinema tickets.

Three Million Visits and a New Editor

Good luck ! And thank you all for your loyalty: bloggers from the platform and elsewhere, readers and curious people!Automatic online translations, as we know, are not always very reliable… sometimes even completely absurd. Philippines WhatsApp Number Funny Translator applies this principle to the letter, by offering a tool that will translate your sentences, returning them each time from the original language to a new language, then back to the original language again, etc.

Sometimes Even Completely Absurd

Philippines WhatsApp Number
Philippines WhatsApp Number

We can thus torture these sentences in 58 different languages. For example, by typing “The moderator is quite nice”, we get “He has observer status in Nice”. Philippines WhatsApp Number Passed through the grinder of these successive translations, the original expression will no longer mean anything at all… Totally absurd, but very funny! You can check out the best results, some are actually very very good.

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