Futures and ETFs Are Good for Blockchain

Readers, buying Bitcoin, Ethereum and other blockchain assets is nothing more than to make a profit! However, with the influx of more and more hot money around the world, the blockchain asset market itself has undergone qualitative changes, and more and more derivatives are available for investors to choose from. In this MBAex series of articles, we interviewed Ipek Ozkardeskaya, the company’s senior analyst, to share with you how blockchain asset derivatives are changing the market, and the trends you should pay attention to when investing in blockchain assets. Before working as Senior Analyst at MBAex, Ipek Ozkardeskaya worked


Blockchain really has the potential to change

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If successful, it may further lead to the inflow

Of a large number of institutional funds into major blockchain assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but other small coins will shrink. 4-1 Caption: Blockchain futures, ETFs may benefitĀ  However, Ipek Ozkardeskaya believes that ICO is still a new tool that is very conducive to technological innovation to break the market boundaries and raise funds from the world, and it will not disappear so easily. “It’s jus

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