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It facilitates bug fixes and composability between development and test environments. The more complex your software gets, the harder it is to keep track of all the parts it needs to make it work. Without Docker, all changes to the Benin Phone Number project setup need to be communicated to other developers and documented. Otherwise, the code versions may stop working and the reason may not be. With Docker, all required components of the software are specified in Docker configuration files.

In the cloud, local data centers and hybrid platforms; It serves to create dynamic and highly portable workloads from local laptops, primary servers, classic virtual servers. No additional configuration, setup, and adjustments are require for each environment you run. Your application can run consistently and predictably in any environment.

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It allows to scale workloads and applications in real time according to the needs of the business and run multiple workloads in high-density environments. Small websites and applications do not require complex hosting infrastructure, but as a business grows and develops, server requirements change as well. In fast-paced business environments, the web infrastructure needs to be flexible enough to adapt quickly, both to ensure your website doesn’t crash and to keep infrastructure costs affordable. Docker containers can be start in almost any server environment. So can be easily deploy elsewhere when your needs change.

It is quite useful if you want to try different technologies. There’s a good chance you’ll find a ready-made Docker template created by the Docker community to try out a new database or programming language. Hub is a large repository of Docker images for almost any technology you want to use.

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Docker Core Components

Docker has found a new way to package the tools needed to build and launch containers in a more streamlined and simplified way than ever before; It has components like Dockerfile, Docker Compose, Docker Images, Docker Daemon, Docker Hub, Docker Engine.

Every Docker container starts with a Docker file. This; A text file is the element that provides a set of instructions for building a Docker image, including the operating system, languages, environmental variables, file locations, network ports, and other components it needs to run.

Each instruction in the Docker file creates a new layer in the image. The changed layers are recreate when we need to modify the Docker file. Therefore, images are very light, small and fast compared to other virtualization technologies.

A Docker image is a read-only template with instructions for building a Docker container. It is the most built part of the Docker lifecycle. Often, an image is based on another image with some additional customization. We may create our own images or use only those created by others and published in the save directory.

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