Google Algorithm Change History

 If you operate a health or medical based website and have not recovered from this update, please contact us immediately. Georgia WhatsApp Number List We’ll help you match an SEO provider that has worked with many of your health/medical sites.  Georgia WhatsApp Number List This had a major impact on global listings and click-through rates. Google rolled out another core update on January 13, in line with past core updates. An important update to better understand search queries. Google said it was “the biggest leap in the past five years and one of the biggest in search history.”

Google BERT Natural Language

To accommodate BERT updates, focus on writing high-quality, relevant, and clear content. Georgia WhatsApp Number List Don’t write code for search engines, as the purpose of BERT is to detect natural uses of language that connect with users. Georgia WhatsApp Number List  Google announced that this update will improve situations where sites have more than two organic listings. According to Moz, while the update did improve SERPs, with 3-5 duplicate sites on the first page, the overall impact was minimal.

Processing Update

On March 13, 2019, Google officially confirmed the release of the core global update via Twitter. Named Google’s third “Broad Core Algorithm Update” was confirmed on August 1, 2018. While many industries and verticals have been noted to be impacted by this update, medical and wellness sites have been hit the hardest. Georgia WhatsApp Number List As a result, search marketers everywhere are touting this as a “medical update.” Google’s Danny Sullivan officially confirmed a small update. As this is a broad update, there are no specific issues with the site that need to be fixed. However, Google insists that you “have great content” and provides a link to its rater guidelines. A 200-page document used by Google search quality raters to rate web results.


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