Google Freshness and Evergreen Content

Google’s freshness algorithm evaluates two types of content freshness: Freshness of content on any given web page. Freshness of content across the site While Google’s freshness factor is important, don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s the most critical element of your content strategy. Not everything on a website needs to contain trending topics and buzzwords.Evergreen refers to content that won’t go out of style anytime soon, which may include “how-to” articles, tutorials, or guides. While super fresh, relevant content posted at the peak of a trend may drive a lot of organic traffic, a steady stream of evergreen content can bring you more traffic in the long run.

What Happens If You Don’t Update

While premium evergreen content can be placed on its own, it’s crucial not to completely forget about it. It can fall victim to content decay if you do some updates every now and then. Even the most well-researched, authoritative, and informative evergreen content needs occasional updates to keep it relevant in Google’s eyes. Sometimes, over a long period of time, high-performing content gradually slips in the rankings. Cyprus WhatsApp Number List There can be a variety of reasons for a ranking drop, including: Competing sites publish more comprehensive versions of the content. Users clicked on content that was published more recently than you.

The Content

If you’re monitoring your rankings and CTR, you’ll realize that a certain piece of content starts to decline within a few months. Site administrators often consider updating published content a pain and not worth it. They may prefer to create and publish new material. Follow a simple checklist and stick to a regular content update cycle. You’ll find that updating your content is not only easier than starting from scratch, but it pays off when you take advantage of Google’s freshness algorithm to your advantage and drive organic traffic. Here are the main reasons why you should start updating older content:


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