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Engagement from your social audience. Did you share your content and get some responses in the form of shares, likes and comments? that’s great. Now do it again! The average lifespan of a social media post is often not as long as you think. On Twitter it’s just minutes, on Facebook, it can go up to a couple of hours. And later? Your last update is forgotten, invisible or cold for a long time. How can you counteract this effect? Post more often. Even if you don’t have multiple pieces of new content, you can easily post more often. Simply share your content more than once. On Twitter, you can (and should) tweet the same content again after a couple of hours and again the next day.

Evergreen content that is still relevant can be easily republished on networks like Twitter and Facebook, even after a couple of months. Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-23 um 13.30.04 Image Source: Buffer Blog Most people don’t share too often on social media. Most people have the opposite problem and could easily post more often if they have enough content. bildschirmfoto-2016-12-21-um-14-50-23 Image Source: CoSchedule 11. Use hashtags Hashtags can be a very valuable means of engaging with people who may not even follow you (yet). While on some networks, like Facebook, hashtags never achieved substantial fame, on others, like Instagram, hashtags are the lifeblood of success.

On Twitter Hashtags Have The Power

To get more likes and retweets. bildschirmfoto-2016-09-28-um-10-51-02 Image Source: Buffer Blog On Instagram, hashtags are even more important and can drive a 12.6% increase in engagement. bildschirmfoto-2016-12-21-um-15-25-16 Image Source: Simply Measured You can learn more Russia phone number  about the optimal use of hashtags on various social networks here. 12. Make it more personal People like to talk to people. While branding can seem a bit impersonal, adding a personal touch and showcasing the person behind the social account can help you get more engagement. Even showing some personal emotions and opinions can easily result in more engagement.

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Don’t be afraid to jump into discussions, be different, or add a personal touch. Talking to a real person can be what people need to open up. 13. Use images Images can drive engagement, social shares, and clicks. They help your updates grab your audience’s attention, add value, and generally make content easier to read. Never underestimate the power of images in marketing. bildschirmfoto-2016-12-22-um-13-35-12 Image Source: Jeff Bullas 14. Let your audience contribute You can easily “earn” engagement by actively seeking feedback from your audience. There are several opportunities for you to engage your audience. A conversation can start with a simple question on your Facebook page: bildschirmfoto-2016-12-21-um-10-52-00 Image Source.

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You can easily engage with your audience through your newsletter list. Simply ask them for their opinion on something they will want: what topic would they like you to cover in the near future what would they be interested in for your next webinar what product or feature they would prefer to have and whether this feature would influence their purchase decision You can collect valuable information from your audience, and your audience will thank you when they get the opportunity to talk with you and be an active part of your marketing and content decisions. Show your audience that you care about them and they will care about you! Learn how to drive social media engagement, traffic, leads, and customers with “The Social Traffic Code.” traffic code 13.

Use your email newsletter Did you know that your newsletter is probably your most valuable source of traffic? But there’s more a newsletter list can do for you: It can help you get more engagement. bildschirmfoto-2016-06-20-um-19-02-05 Here are some ideas to get engagement from your newsletter list: ask them questions send them new content and ask for feedback let them know about a big discussion on one of your social media channels or about a piece of content and ask them to give feedback use your list to start a twitter chat 14. Host a webinar some tips, tricks and tactics to get more engagement from your audience on social media.

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