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Today, user experience UK Phone Number List more than how users feel when they interact with your website.  Headless Drupal (or Decoupled Drupal) is one such approach, popular for its innovative ability to deliver great digital experiences. Major companies like Weather.com, The UK Phone Number List Tonight Show, Great Wolf Resorts,Warner Music Group, and others have taken the headless Drupal route to offer their clients interactive and unique front-end designs and fast-loading websites. Thanks to Drupal 8’s commitment to an UK Phone Number List API-first architecture, content can be consumed and displayed anywhere. What is a headless CMS?

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Headless drupal In this digital world, whether or not to go headless is a pretty tricky decision. UK Phone Number List So what’s the whole buzz about headless? This means that Drupal manages both – back-end content management and front-end rendering of content. UK Phone Number List There is no doubt that the Drupal CMS itself can provide a rich user experience for end users, but when it comes down to instant responses to requests, seamless delivery of content across different interfaces, it does fall short. In a decoupled Drupal architecture, instead of using Drupal’s theme layer, a client-side framework such as AngularJS, React, or Backbone. UK Phone Number List

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