How Can You Further Protect Your WordPress Website

If you are just starting out, I would recommend installing the following free security plugins: WordFence Bulletproof iTopicsSecurity When your WordPress site traffic increases, you can move on to a reputable third-party service. In addition to this, you should back up your website regularly. Don’t rely solely on your web host to do your backups for you. You can install UpDraft Plus to take regular backups of your sites. 3. WordPress is free Aha… FREE. A word loved by all, right? I also love the word ‘FREE’, but you need to know what is really free and what is not. Yes, WordPress is free, and it is not. is free, but is not.

When you create a website on, it becomes free as it is hosted on WordPress servers. Your site runs on a WordPress subdomain with limited features to work with. And when you create a website on, which is a self-hosted WordPress blog, you are hosting your website on a third-party server instead of WordPress. When you host on, the entire responsibility of maintaining your website is now in your hands and not WordPress. You should make sure to take regular backups, fix all bugs, and install essential plugins when needed.

When You Need To Customize

Your dream website, but eCommerce plugins aren’t available in the WordPress directory, you may need to purchase your plugins from a premium WordPress club. WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world. Here are some popular WordPress myths that you can’t afford to ignore. Not all WordPress themes in the WordPress directory are trustworthy. To be Peru phone number on the safe side, you should choose a premium WordPress theme to build your website. So what is the real cost of running a WordPress website? Domain: $10/year Hosting: $50/year Theme and plugins: $300/year (optional) Total: $360/year 4. WordPress is complicated and not easy to customize WordPress, compared to other.

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CMS, is the easiest to customize. In the past, I tried to build an eCommerce store on Magento and it was really hard to customize. But building that same eCommerce store in WordPress was really easy. I also tried to create a forum on Pligg CMS and since I’m not a tech savvy I ended up shutting it down because it was too hard for me. But building a membership forum in WordPress was a doddle. To make any customization in WordPress or make changes, you don’t need to edit a single line of code. There are tons of WordPress plugins available to help you with any additional functionality. If you can’t find a suitable plugin, you can hire someone from sites like Elance, WPMatic, Freelancer, Fiverr, etc.

WordPress Is Not Good For Ecommerce

Websites banner2 Before building my own WordPress eCommerce store, I too had my doubts. When I started my research, I visited sites like Quora. In the comments section, when I didn’t find anyone recommending WordPress for an eCommerce site, I was shocked. Two reasons were given for not using WordPress for eCommerce: WordPress is not secure. WordPress cannot handle a large number of products. I have already discussed WordPress security issues and how to fix them. Saying that WordPress cannot handle a large number of products is another big myth.

WooCommerce is a great free WordPress eCommerce plugin that can easily handle around 2,000 products. Except, if you’re launching a serial eCommerce site, 2000 is still a relatively small number of products. WordPress websites load very slowly As I said before, if you are creating a self-hosted WordPress blog, maintaining it is completely your responsibility. Some WordPress sites can load in milliseconds while some WordPress sites can take much longer to load. Improving your site speed involves technical focus and analysis. Optimizing your images, caching, etc. are some ways to increase speed. But if you’re just starting out, I’d recommend looking for a good quality host like WP Engine, as recommended above.

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