How Do We Spend Our Time Online

We spend many hours every day on the web. But to do what exactly? Only 42% of the time is spent on content for 22% on social networks. The rest consists of mails, purchases and other activities. Significant fact, an Internet user sees an average of 2,646 pages per month! The infographic below offers more insight into how we spend our time online. Interesting.Like every month, Smashing Magazine is pleased to provide a selection Tunisia WhatsApp Number of free calendars and wallpapers. The August 2010 vintage is a pleasure to see.The Rest Consists of Mails, Purchases

The Rest Consists of Mails

As usual there is something for all tastes and in all styles. There are many resolutions to choose from. If you don’t, remember to change your wallpaper from time to time, it’s more pleasant to work with!We all play Rock Paper Scissors from time to time. Tunisia WhatsApp Number To make an important decision (pizza or burger tonight?), to have fun or simply to pass the time. But some are more professional than others. There are even world championships. So what to do when you meet a real strategist?

To Make an Important Decision

Tunisia WhatsApp Number
Tunisia WhatsApp Number

Consolidate your bases and study possible strategies. Yes, Rock Paper Scissors is an important game. To avoid losing face and win as often as possible, here is an infographic that summarizes the different game patterns depending on your opponent and the situations. Tunisia WhatsApp Number After that, all you have to do is become the Rock Paper Scissors master! Infographics as we like them. rock paper scissors

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