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Paul Horstmeier is a finalist in the 2017 Content Marketer of the Year. Share insights from all CMY finalists on his blog before the winners are at this month’s Content Marketing  Clipping Path Service  World. For many content marketing teams, email subscribers are a crucial measure of success. After all, high-quality email lists are an important component of the latest high-performance marketing department. Also, traditionally, you can get more subscribers by placing attractive resources behind the mail gate. In other words, you require someone to provide their email address in order to access something of value. However, when Paul Horstmeier became  Clipping Path Service  Senior Vice President of Marketing at Health Catalyst. He was unable to follow this typical content marketing script. He says the healthcare audience has historically been skeptical of marketing. So he wanted to give them an experience that didn’t feel like marketing.

He Demolished the Email Gateclipping Path Service

To do that, he demolished the email gate. Removing this traditional part of the marketing puzzle made end-to-end attribution more difficult, but HealthCatalyst has become one of the most trusted brands in the healthcare space. Their events, online and directly, sell out regularly and break industry benchmarks. And they have dramatically streamlined  Clipping Path Service long and complex sales cycles.Ungate that content has made HealthCatalyst a trusted brand in the healthcare space, says AndreaFryrear. Click to tweet Paul is a content marketer of the year nominee and Health Catalyst. A healthcare data warehousing, business intelligence, and analytics company  Clipping Path Service has provided insights into how content has delivered great results. Carefully Selected Related Content.

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Pharmaceutical Content Marketing: How to Cure Your IllnessLarge ungated content health Catalyst provides viewers with a vast collection of content. We’re not just talking about dozens of Clipping Path Service short blog posts. When I interviewed Paul, the HealthCatalyst site had more than 612 public resources. health-catalyst-website-example While some still require an email address to access. Paul guarantees that the gate will only be if it is beneficial to the audience for example.

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