How to Edit Wikipedia Articles

You can provide moderators with the content they need, replacing broken links with relevant content. Malaysia WhatsApp Number List You can also edit Wikipedia pages directly. you can edit it there. Note that moderators check your links, so anything that looks suspicious will be a red flag for them. Malaysia WhatsApp Number List You can take advantage of this and look around for more link building opportunities that go well beyond Wikipedia. But how do you find these broken links and possible backlink opportunities?

Add Your Own External Links 

WikiGrabber is a super powerful tool for discovering backlink opportunities in Wikipedia. To use the tool, enter a search term relevant to your content, press enter, and the platform. Malaysia WhatsApp Number List Will return a list of all relevant pages on Wikipedia that need a reference or have dead links that need to be replaced. Once you’ve identified and found a few broken links, you’ll need to copy. Malaysia WhatsApp Number List The URL and paste it into the Wayback Machine tool.  You can then review and determine if this content is relevant to your site. If you’re sure there’s enough in common, you can find content you’ve already created that fills that gap, or create some new content that fits the bill for a Wikipedia page.

Remember Wikipedia’s Moderation

The more backlinks to it, the better, because it means it’s a topic people want to link to. If there are a lot of backlinks, this gives you the opportunity to write to many different webmasters to improve your chances of putting something in place of old dead links. Malaysia WhatsApp Number List A lot of backlinks usually means it’s worth spending some time creating the perfect content to fill in the gaps. Create a brand new web page or update pre-existing content. Cover all your bases and make it a piece of content that Wikipedia wants to link to. You can use tools like Buzzstream to help you find your webmaster’s contact details, and create customizable email templates to send request backlinks to your site.

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